LAFC The Fields – Food Hall Case Study


Part of the overall planning of a new MLS stadium in Downtown Los Angeles was to bring the community together. Football is a sport that transcends all people, despite all societal differences or beliefs. We believe food was also a community magnet. As LA continues to develop as a culinary melting pot of all different food and culture, Legends and LAFC’s ownership wanted to use the ancillary building as a Food Hall. Therefore, we created a joint-venue with a local hospitality group, Cast Iron Partners, to run the programming and operations of the Food Hall – The Fields LA.  



From conception to now, the food hall was envisioned to be a culinary incubator where we rotate up and coming concepts and Chefs that may or may not have storefront but has the potential to be the next biggest Chef in LA.  Beyond the food hall, there was a vision of a restaurant on the second floor and an outdoor beer garden plus rooftop event space that overlooks downtown LA.  



  • The Food Hall and Beer Garden officially opened on August 14, 2018 and the gastropub-style restaurant, Free Play by celebrity chef Tim Hollingsworth, is scheduled to open late October 2018.  
  • Currently, the Food Hall has 8 kitchens including Coni’ Seafood, C.J. Boyd’s Fried Chicken, Akko Port, Ms Chi, Barbara Jean, Al Pastor, Burrtos La Palma, Piccolo Antico, and Piccolo Antico Pizzeria Foacceria   
  • Frozen, kegged and handmade cocktails by Nick Meyer and Julian Cox. Wines curated by Taylor Parsons. A wide-range of local craft brews and other favorites curated by brewer James Mhaoir of BoomTown Brewery in DTLA. 
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