Galatasaray Case Study


Galatasaray SK had played in the Ali Sami Yen since 1964, but whilst the stadium was famed for its intense intimidating atmosphere, there were very limited facilities and the stadium suffered from operational and safety concerns.

The club decided to move to a new 52,000 seat stadium to transform the match day commercial model, but this required a significant change in approach to VIP products and modernise the season ticket model for the fans.

Legends International were appointed by Galatasaray in 2007 to develop, sell and manage a new premium seating product at the new 52,000 capacity Türk Telekom Arena and implement the season ticket concept.


Legends International initially carried out a research process using their proprietary methodology into the potential for VIP Seating and Corporate Boxes. Following this research, Legends International created a range of products to reflect the market’s demand. The sale of 150 Corporate Boxes and 4,700 Premium Seats was launched in April 2009. This new premium product was called the Deniz Club and was sold by a Legends International sales and marketing team embedded within the club and jointly managed by Legends International and the team – and always presented to buyers as Galatasaray.


The Türk Telekom Arena opened in January 2011 and is one of the most advanced stadia in the region. As well as delivering a dramatically improved level of services for all fans, it maintains the atmosphere of the old stadium, breaking the record for the loudest crowd at any stadium.

Legends International has achieved extraordinary results in generating in excess of US$98million which exceed the club’s original forecasts by over 60% by opening. Including post-opening sales, Galatasaray exceeded its own original forecasts by well over 100% as a result of Legends International’s involvement.

In comparison to the Ali Sami Yen, Galatasaray’s previous stadium, more than twice as many season tickets, four times as many VIP Seats and three times as many boxes have been sold and annual revenues have more than tripled. These results were achieved despite Galatasaray having their worst season on the pitch in its 105 year history in 2010/2011.

In August 2011, Legends International and Galatasaray announced a restructuring of their ongoing relationship. Under the new arrangements, the day to day management of the sales staff of VIP product at the new Turk Telekom Arena will be transferred to Galatasaray. Legends International will continue in a consultancy role.

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