Legends Project Development

Legends Project Development (“LPD”) provides comprehensive Owner’s Representative and Project Management services to the sports, entertainment and public assembly industries. The LPD team has over $30 Billion in development experience over more than three decades.

LPD provides a COLLABORATIVE APPROACH to the owner’s representative role that results in a venue that maximizes enhancement of the guest experience, generates OPTIMAL REVENUE, reduces time and costs associated with design and construction, and delivers industry leading venues with REDUCED OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE COSTS. The LPD team actively manages the daily work of all project participants and closely coordinates and communicates with the client so that the project remains on time and under budget while maximizing revenue.

In addition to what we would call “core” or “essential” project management services, our team provides added value by CREATING UNIQUE SOLUTIONS to complex problems integrating lessons learned on the development of dozens of the most complex and unique stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues in the world.

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