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All England Lawn Tennis Club (Wimbledon) Case Study


The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), a private club that annually hosts The Championships at Wimbledon, engaged Legends International in April 2016 to conduct a review of its operations. Although the club already delivered a high-quality experience and ran a profitable premium hospitality business, they wanted to address a few issues and make some changes prior to hosting The Championships that year. 



Legends International developed a strategy to deliver the optimal hospitality business from both a brand and profit perspective. The strategy successfully addressed the following issues: 

  • Unclear product, pricing hierarchy and a confused customer base 

  • Reduction in the number of on-site premium hospitality covers due to the implementation of the facility master plan 

  • Need to migrate long-term existing partners into the new facilities 

  • Sub-optimal business arrangements, resulting in “financial leakage” away from AELTC due to third party involvement, while supply and pricing were not matching market demand 

  • Changes in market conditions 

To deliver the final strategy for the AELTC, Legends conducted multi-level research and analysis including: 

  • A review of historical operations of AELTC, stakeholder interviews and a detailed site visit 

  • An evaluation of financial operations and the interaction between general and hospitality ticketing and debentures 

  • A review of existing contracts with suppliers, partners, and consumers 

  • Assessment of the various operational and physical constraints of The Championships and AELTC in order to deliver its final recommendations and roadmap 



 Legends delivered a long-term sales and hospitality strategy that: 

  • Maintained The Championships’ position as the pinnacle of premium hospitality in British sports   

  • Substantially improved the AELTC’s financial return while providing a significantly improved experience for all users  

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