Indy 500 Case Study


In 2014, the owners at IndyCar & Indianapolis Motor Speedway were eager to accelerate online sales. They had seen a gradual decline from a high of $1M in 2011 to $340k in 2013 and wanted a more cohesive approach to ensure the future success of their online store. Legends Global Hospitality were asked to take the wheel.



The Legends Hospitality Team’s e-commerce experts began with a vibrant redesign of the existing site, addressing overall information flow and using a mobile-first approach. Next, the team turned their attention to creative marketing initiatives to drive sales, including:

  • In-stadium shopping promotions: Time-sensitive promotions drove fans to an in-stadium shopping experience during lull periods during the races
  • IndyCar tour stops: Online promos and events shone a spotlight on IndyCar tour stops
  • New driver merchandise: Exclusive online driver merchandise was promoted through social campaigns  
  • Awareness campaigns: Consistent marketing message across all digital platforms informed fans of what was new or coming soon to the online store.
  • Extra PR push:  Links to the online store were included in press releases

Finally, exclusive online merchandise was designed expressly for the 100th running of the INDY500 in 2016—and successfully rolled out in the weeks leading up to this milestone race.



As a result of Legends work re-imagining the Indy’s e-commerce and marketing programs, online sales have broken past records.  So far, IndyCar owners have reported:

  • Sales of $1.8 Million from October 2014 to May 2016
  • A conversion rate of 4.14%
  • 207,000 average site visits daily
  • $111 average online order value
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