Illuminarium Case Study

October 2, 2020


Illuminariums provide one-of-a-kind, digitally delivered virtual experiences. They transform audiences through unique scenes leveraging bespoke super-resolution visual effects processes into immense and beautiful worlds. Audiences have all five senses engaged with ultra-high-resolution projection on 22 ft tall walls, floor projections, scents, and three-dimensional beam-formed sound truly transporting the audience. Illuminarium aims to democratize the world’s (and other-worlds’) most extraordinary experiences. 

With venues of approximately 30,000 square feet and high ceilings, Illuminariums are reprogrammable immersive theaters that surround visitors in a sensory space of sight, sound, and scale unlike any other. The first Illuminarium opened in Atlanta in July 2021, with Las Vegas and Miami to follow in 2022. Other North American locations under consideration are New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles and Austin.



  • Legends Project Development – Owner’s Representative / Project Manager
  • Legends Attractions – Operations Planning, Venue Management
  • Legends Global Merchandising – Merchandise Program Design 
  • Legends Hospitality – Menu Development and Kitchen Design



The client maximised the complete Legends’ 360 services platform. Legends delivered technically complicated facilities in a relatively small package where every pixel counts. From the very latest in technology with projection and audio systems to premium hospitality to experiential retail, an Illuminarium is a complete experience in one venue. Legends brings an unmatched combination of skills from decades of experience in retail, hospitality, and specifically themed entertainment to bring these projects to life for our clients. We have saved the client millions per facility by knowing where to value engineer the design for optimum revenue without sacrificing the experience or the architect’s design intent and to streamline the operations.