Fundraising Overview:

Legends partners with Non-Profit Organizations and enables members to operate a concession stand in order to raise funds for their organization.

Legends operates a wide variety of venues and at each one, our concessions are in high and immediate demand. Our guests become your captive audience, eliminating the hassle of going door to door to fund raise. Additionally, running a concession stand is a great team building activity and will bring your group closer together!

The amount of money raised depends on your organization’s commitment. By bringing in more volunteers and volunteering for more events, your group will increase the amount of money it earns.


Below are the requirements for a Non-Profit Organization to participate in this program.

  • Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Status: Group must certify that they are a Not-For-Profit, tax-exempt organization as defined in Section 501c of the Internal Revenue Code. Must provide 501c form, W-9 form and copy of federal ID number.
  • Commitment: To allow for maximum earnings potential, we require a minimum number of volunteers to volunteer for a minimum number of events throughout the season.
  • Age Requirement: All volunteers must be at least 18* years of age with a valid ID present for each event. (*or 21 as may be required by law or facility rules and regulations.)
  • Training: All volunteers must attend Legends-specified training.
  • Contract Agreement: A signed contract agreement is required prior to any training or volunteering.
  • General Liability Insurance: Legends requires that each Non-Profit Organization maintain general liability insurance.

If you are interested in participating with Legends, please reach out to us at